Q.        Does Southwestern Academy issue I-20’s?

A            Yes. However, Southwestern Academy does not automatically issue the I20 form.  An application review must first be conducted. If we admit the student we first send the Acceptance Letter with instructions about payment, then we issue the I-20. 

Q.        How will I be notified of my acceptance?

A.           Once it is determined that the applicant meets our criteria and if we have space available we subsequently send via regular mail and email an Acceptance Letter and Tuition Statement to the family.  The Acceptance Letter is our official notification that the student has been accepted to our school for the specified term. It will also include the Southwestern Academy campus to which you were accepted. The Acceptance Letter may include specific provisions that the student or family must meet in order to complete the enrollment process. 

Q.        Where do your international students come from?

A.           Our students come from 24 countries around the world.  We intend to enroll 50% of our students from outside the US.  Our target is to limit our international enrollment to no more than 10% from any single country. Our total enrollment at our San Marino campus is 140 students and our enrollment at our Arizona campus is 40 students. Applicants from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong should be aware that due to the overwhelming demand from these countries and our limited space you should have other boarding schools in mind.

Q.           If I apply for a certain grade level does that help my chances of getting accepted?

A.           Southwestern Academy does not admit students to a specific grade level. A Grade Level determination will made after the Academic Deans review the student’s Official Transcripts and compare them to our graduation requirements. This process generally takes place once the student has enrolled and met with an advisor.

Q.           I am an ESL student, how does that affect my enrollment at Southwestern Academy?

A.           Students who will be enrolled in our English as a Second Language (ESL) program should be aware that they will not be enrolled in the traditional academic courses until they demonstrate English proficiency.  This requirement in some cases can alter the student’s expected graduation date.  However, no students will graduate from Southwestern Academy unless they satisfy all of our Graduation Requirements. (These requirements can be found in our General Catalog online in our Download Center www.southwesternacademdy.edu)

Q.          When can I make my appointment to interview with the US Consulate for my Visa Interview?

A.           Once you receive the letter of Acceptance you may contact the US Consulate office nearest you to apply for and schedule your visa interview.  In some countries such as China, Taiwan or Hong Kong the next available interview appointment may take up to three weeks. Please note you will not be granted an interview unless you have the original signed I20 form in your possession.  For this reason you must follow the next instructions exactly.

Q.          What happens after I pay the 50% of tuition and fees?

A.           Upon receipt of the Acceptance Letter International students are required to pay Southwestern Academy 50% of the tuition and fees before we issue the I20. Bank wire transfer information is located in the Tuition Statement.  Please follow those instructions carefully.  Payment may also be made via certified check drawn upon a US bank.  In all cases clearly state the student’s name in the memo portion of the wire transfer or certified check.

Q.          Can I pay my fees with a credit card?

A.          No credit card payments are accepted. 

Q.          How long does it take for Southwestern Academy to issue the I20 form?

A.           Once our bank gives us confirmation that your payment is deposited we will send the I20 form.  We generally send the I20 form to the student or designated contact person within 72 hours of receipt of funds. 

Q.           How does Southwestern Academy send the I20 to international students?

A.           We typically send the I20 form via US Express Mail, FedEx or DHL depending upon the country to which we are sending it.

Q.           What should I do after I get my visa?

A.           When you have successfully completed your visa interview and have obtained the F1 Student Visa, the remaining 50% of tuition and fees must be paid at that time.  All fees must be paid before the student arrives at Southwestern Academy.

Q.           What if I don’t pass my visa interview?

A.           In the event the student does not pass the interview you should contact the Admissions Office immediately to see if we can assist with your preparation for a second interview. If the student does not pass again and the family chooses not to try again for another interview, you may request a full refund of your initial deposit.  Contact the Admissions Office for those instructions.

Q.           Is there anything else I should know before I leave my home country?

A.           When you are ready to travel to the US please bring your passport, visa document, and most importantly the I20 form with you to your departing airport.  Carry these documents with you. Do not pack them away in your suitcase.  You will need to present them to the US Immigration officials when you get off the plane.

Q.          Can I be a Day (commuting) Student at your school?

A.           In order for you to be a Day Student your mother or father must live in the local area. You may not live with another relative such as an aunt, uncle, brother sister etc. Your mother or father must provide proof that they live in the area and plan to make this their residence for the duration of your education at Southwestern Academy.

Q.           What TOEFL or SLEP scores do I need?

A.            Southwestern Academy does NOT require TOEFL or SLEP scores. If you have scores feel free to submit them but they will not affect our admissions decision. Students should demonstrate a willingness to learn English and study hard to prepare for college admissions.



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