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Living on campus is an important part of your educational experience here at Southwestern.  As you live with classmates from around the world, you’ll learn more about other cultures and expand your horizons—and have lots of fun! There is always someone around to hang out with, help with that math problem, or lend a listening ear when you need one. In our dorms and in our classrooms, lifelong friendships are made.

Boarding schools receive high marks from their students. Recent research shows boarding schools deliver big benefits. In a national survey,* students weighed in on main topics:

Student Academic Topic Public
Day School
Students who earn advanced degrees 21% 36% 50%
Students who report advanced degrees 51% 62% 90%
Students' preparedness for college 23% 36% 78%

The survey also found that, compared to day students, boarding students:

  • Devote more time to homework and extracurricular activities
    (and significantly less time watching TV)
  • Spend more time with teachers outside the classroom
  • Learn how to set goals and budget time
  • Practice self-discipline and responsibility
  • Learn to act and think independently
  • Develop leadership skills

In fact, the research study cited 78% of boarding school graduates say they were very well prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life, such as independence, social life, and time management as opposed to 36% of private day school students.

*Research Report by the Art & Science Group for the Association of Boarding Schools.

More data from this research can be found at The Big Picture On Boarding Schools



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