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SOUTHWESTERN ACADEMY'S 93rd SCHOOL YEAR is proving to be full of excitement for our boys and girls at both campuses. We've wrapped up basketball, with the Sun boys' team making it to the second round of state CIF championships. In the final game, the Sun team played skillfully throughout the game, every member giving his best effort all the way to the last seconds. We now look forward to a promising Spring season for our coed baseball and boys' volleyball teams.  We continue educational field trips during the week, volunteering opportunities, with social & hiking trips on the weekends. See our Southwestern Academy page on Facebook for frequent updates and pictures of activities here.

THIRD QUARTER REVIEW WEEK is March 27 -31. QUARTER EXAMS begin Monday, April 3rd, and are completed Friday, April 7th. We ask that you not schedule any appointments for your student during these important days of testing. Anniversary Antics - a day celebrating Southwestern's 93rd birthday - is Friday, April 7th. FOURTH QUARTER will begin Tuesday, April 18th. REPORT CARDS will be emailed to parents and contacts Friday, April 19th.

SPRING BREAK begins after classes on FRIDAY, APRIL 7th. Students may leave after classes on Friday, APRIL 7, after 4:30 p.m., or on Saturday, APRIL 8. Students should return to their dorms on Monday, APRIL 17, by 8:00 p.m. Classes resume the morning of TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2017. Please help remind your student of vacation homework that is due upon their return from all breaks throughout the school year. Class assignments will be posted on our website's "CURRENT STUDENTS" section located here at the start of vacation breaks.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO ARTSFEST 2017, on Thursday, April 27th, 3:00-8:00 p.m., San Marino campus. ArtsFest is our annual celebration and presentation of all visual and performing art students' work throughout the year. We invite you to take in all the sights, sounds and yes, even smells ... Student Government alongside our Economics classes will offer popcorn and fresh-squeezed orange juice for sale.

ALL RESIDENT STUDENTS are reminded to send information on their vacation travel plans to the Student Office:

MANY WONDERFUL NIGHTS of student choreographed shows and prepared dinners are scheduled. We hope you can join us in San Marino's Lincoln Hall for the MEDITERRANEAN night on March 15th, SEDER DINNER on April 5th, JAPANESE show & dinner on April 20th, MEXICAN & LATIN AMERICAN show & dinner on May 4th, culminating with our world-famous CARNIVAL / LUAU on May 17th, hosted by International Club. We do ask that guests sign up in advance so students may prepare enough food for all. Sign-up sheets will be posted on the general bulletin board the week prior to the event.

STUDENT AND PARENT HANDBOOKS for 2016 - 2017 are posted online at the school's web page, easily found by going to the "DOWNLOAD CENTER" found at the top right of the home page, then under the "Handbooks/Catalog" section. To keep up with our events, there you will also find our Annual Calendar and Holiday Travel Dates, useful to book transportation for the school year. Please check our website for important dates and answers for questions, but please don't hesitate to email or call however we can help you.

HAVE YOU HAD A CHANCE TO SEE ‘SUNSPOTS’ – THE STUDENTS’ HOMEMADE NEWSCAST?? It is on line fresh each week. We hope you take 5 minutes each and every week to see and hear the student reports on activities, athletics, and opinions. You'll see some familiar faces too – including your own boy or girl. From wherever you are, go to our home page – – and see the ‘YouTube’ video link at the bottom badge titled SUNSPOTS. Or to link directly to the latest ‘SUNSPOTS,' go to our YouTube page. We hope all families enjoy watching as much as we do!

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