Ms. Gretchen LICK


Your assignment over break is to complete the research for your assigned presentation topics. You may NOT use Wikipedia as a source for information. Create a PowerPoint presentation that you will use as you present. Do not fill the slides with writing. Put all the notes that you will need in the “presenter notes” section of the PowerPoint. Your PowerPoint should be informative and interesting. Use visual images (pictures/maps..etc).


Each week you need to complete two writing assignments:

1) One of your weekly assignments is to write a descriptive paragraph, describing a mental “snapshot” or picture of something you have seen or experienced. First, take a real picture with your phone while you are in the moment. Later, when you go to sit down and write, look at that picture and describe everything. Remember how you felt and use the five senses in your descriptions. Remember a descriptive paragraph is DIFFERENT than a narrative paragraph. You are NOT telling a STORY.

2) Your second assignment is to write a narrative paragraph of a special experience you have done during the week. This is where you tell me step by step what happens with as many details as possible.

You will hand in six paragraphs to me. All of these should be written in your journal. If possible, print your three pictures and put them into the journal above your descriptive paragraph.


Create a three minute presentation of your Christmas break. Create a PowerPoint presentation and add pictures of family, friends, places you go to, things you see. Be ready to present when we get back.