Mr. Jonathan LITTEN


Complete your speech recording activity. Choose any speech (of at least 10 lines) that we have read so far in the play. You will make two separate audio recordings of your speech to try to capture two possibilities of how the speech could be performed. After you complete two recordings, write a ˝ page explanation of which performance is the strongest and why. You will play your recordings and turn in your explanation when we return from break.


Read through page 118 in Absolutely True Diary. On page 99, Junior gets an e-mail from his sister. Please write a response to Mary as if you are Junior. Make sure to respond to the things that she mentions in her e-mail and also include anything that Junior might mention about his new school and what is going on in his life. (˝ page)


Use your Sioux timelines to create a map of the Sioux territory and the significant events from your timelines. You will have to research to locate some of the points on your map. Don’t worry if your points are not exact. Color, label, and make your map as comprehensive as possible. You will present your maps when you return from the break. Include at least 10 “points” on your map.


Whoo! Spring Break 2017!

Please create a Video Diary from your vacation. The Video Diary is a video recording of you talking. You must complete a 3-minute entry in your diary.

Use the diary to talk about your vacation, your friends, your interests, ideas, or anything else you choose. You may be as creative as you like. Students in the past have taken their videos at different locations during their trips. But remember, you must speak during your diary. The only requirement is that your diary include 3 minutes of speaking. You will need to save your videos in a shareable platform such as YouTube. We will present after the break. Make sure you prove that you are completing your video during your break by showing the date of your entry.


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